After a huge success of our MRCEM, MRCPCH, MRCP, EM Foundations Programme, we are pleased to announce our 1st GP Plus Batch.

A brief overview of London Global Emergency Medicine GP Plus Programme from our Director - Dr Ash (Consultant Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine & Geriatric Medicine NHS UK)
The GP+ Project for Pakistan: Pioneering Advanced Practice for General Practitioners - Innovative concept meticulously Crafted by Dr Ash (Consultant Emergency Medicine, Acute Medicine & Geriatric Medicine NHS UK)

About the Programme Director:

Dr Ashfaque Sorathia (Dr Ash) is among the few leading EM consultants in the UK who has taught and trained over 1000 EM physicians in the UK, he is a very passionate EM physician with a vast academic and teaching background, he is actively involved in teaching MRCEM, FRCEM and EBEEM Courses. He is the director of London Clinical Courses and a Founder of Pakistan Emergency Medicine Association.

Dr Ash has worked at Leading NHS UK hospital trusts, including Barts London NHS, The Royal London Hospital, Guys and St Thomas Hospital London, Queen Hospital London, and Newham Hospital London.

He has conducted numerous teaching sessions in UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Brussels Belgium.

He is the pioneer of MRCEM /FRCEM courses In Dubai and Medina.

All he wants now is to change Emergency Medicine in Pakistan.

Introducing the GP+ Project:

The GP+ Project addresses the distinct challenges encountered by GPs and family physicians in Pakistan. Recognising their pivotal role as the primary healthcare contact for patients, this innovative concept aims to equip them with specialized skills and knowledge essential for their practice.

This programme will break all barriers for doctors who wish to do post graduations, but their family or personal circumstances didn’t allow them to join the National Training programme.

This programme is flexible, live, online instructor-led, interactive from the UK. There will be 2 classes per week which will be taken by senior EM clinicians of the UK.

Challenges Confronting GPs in Pakistan:

Many GPs in Pakistan lack structured postgraduate training, leading to potential safety concerns due to insufficient pre-hospital care, a deficient referral system, and limited access to urgent investigations and medications. 

The GP+ Plus Programme endeavours to empower GPs and family physicians with vital competencies required for safe medical practice.

Defining a GP+ Practitioner:

A GP+ practitioner embodies not just the foundational knowledge of Family Medicine but also acquires specialized insights directly from NHS UK specialists. This ground breaking concept ensures that GP+ practitioners possess expertise across major specialties, enabling them to address diverse medical issues and facilitate timely referrals for specialist care.

Attributes of a GP+ Practitioner:

Distinguished by their extensive knowledge and skills in major medical and surgical specialties, GP+ practitioners transcend the traditional GP role. Their capabilities encompass managing minor injuries, trauma, interpreting diagnostic results, handling paediatric illnesses, addressing acute medical problems, and honing superior communication skills.

Key Details about GP+ Practitioner Programme:

Applications for LGEM GP+ are now open.

Designed for GPs aiming to augment their clinical expertise without the pressure of competitive exams, the one-year programme comprises 60% online and 40% face-to-face components with the following outcomes:

1.     Comprehensive teaching on the top 100 GP presentations and illnesses

2.     100 Emergency medicine procedures

3.     Level 1 bedside Ultrasound skills

4.     50 standard common GP prescriptions for the 50 most common illnesses

5.     Guidance on starting and enhancing GP practice safety.

Programme Fees and Benefits:

The programme fee is £100/month, accompanied by a £100 registration fee, totalling £1300 for 12 months. Trainees receive a reimbursement surpassing £1200, granting them access to Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound workshops, essentially making the entire year of GP+ teaching essentially free.

Join us in shaping the future of general practice in Pakistan through the transformative GP+ Programme.