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Let Us Eliminate All Barriers And Help You To Redesign Your Career.

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About the Director of London Global EM Programme.

Dr Ashfaque Sorathia (Dr Ash) is among the few leading EM consultants in the UK who has taught and trained over 1000 EM physicians in the UK, he is a very passionate EM physician with a vast academic and teaching background, he is actively involved in teaching MRCEM, FRCEM and EBEEM Courses. He is the director of London Clinical Courses and also a Founder of Pakistan Emergency Medicine Association.

Dr Ash has worked at Leading NHS UK hospital trusts, including Barts London NHS, The Royal London Hospital, Guys and St Thomas Hospital London, Queen Hospital London and Newham Hospital London.

He has conducted numerous teaching sessions in UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Brussels Belgium.

He is the pioneer of MRCEM, FRCEM courses In Dubai and Medina. All he wants now is to change Emergency Medicine in Pakistan.

Places where we have conducted a series of lectures and academic activities

London Global EM Programme - Unique Project "First of its kind"

This programme is an intellectual asset of Dr Ash and is unique in many ways, no country, no institute, organisation, or hospital has ever tried anything like this before. it’s addressing the needs of non-trainee doctors which is the major workforce for any hospital and is specifically designed to provide necessary skills and knowledge so that they can then step up as specialists and consultants. 

 This programme will break all barriers for doctors who wish to do post graduations, but their family or personal circumstances didn’t allow them to join the National Training programme.


London Clinical Courses ( LCC) is the leading Emergency Medicine course provider in UK.

LCC  was established in 2013 with an intention to help  International Medical Graduates and non trainee doctors of UK and abroad to get familiar with UK exam and training systems.

We proudly claim that we have trained more than 5000 IMGs in UK out of them more than 700 doctors were EM physicians who passed MRCEM exam after attending our courses, our exam success rate is consistently higher than 80% , We have conducted 25 MRCEM OSCE courses and 4 FRCEM final OSCE Courses, our Last (4th FRCEM Final OSCE course had 100% success rate) we published our result on our face book page with successful candidates. 

Here it’s important to mention that most doctors who attended our courses were non trainee doctors of UK or overseas doctors who never worked in UK, most were from KSA , UAE , Qatar, Pakistan and India. 

We are the first Institute to conduct MRCEM FRCEM Courses in Medina during 2020, We have also conducted 6 MRCEM OSCE courses in Dubai with success rate of consistently more than 80%. 

We are connected  with 1000s Non Trainee doctors  therefore we are fully aware of challenges and weakness they have to overcome, we know they have no one to train them, no one supervises or guide them and no one takes their ownership, they struggle to progress in their career, Considering all these hardships and challenges what a non trainee doctor faces, Dr Ash and his team LCC has designed this unique programme mainly for non trainee doctors. Yes , It’s London Global Emergency Medicine Programme.

What is London Global Emergency Programme?

This programme is unique and first of its kind, no other institute or country has ever planned any programme like this. It’s mainly for non Trainee EM doctors of UK, Ireland, KSA, UAE and overseas doctors except Pakistan. 

Purpose of this programme  is to own non trainee doctors, teach them, train them and bring best out of them, Our aim is to provide necessary EM knowledge and skills to all non trainee doctors so they can run AE departments safely and smoothly. 

Programme Outcomes:

a) Full MRCEM:

With the help of this programme we will make sure all our candidates get full MRCEM with in 1 year. 

b) 100 EM procedures:

This  programme includes thorough teaching of 100 Emergency Medicine Procedures which no other institute , hospital or organisation teaches in such a short time. List of 100 EM Procedures Is given below. 

c) 120 hours of teaching:

Candidates registered in this programme will get 120 hours of teaching mapping RCEM Core EM curricula over a period of 1 year. 

d) Signed log book

(Core EM Competencies) with CME award of 120 credits points. 

Scope of MRCEM:

MRCEM is now world recognised qualification in the field of EM, it’s widely accepted as specialist qualification in most Parts of the world including KSA, UAE and UK. 

Having Full MRCEM in hand will open the whole world of EM for you, candidate with MRCEM are welcome to work in NHS UK as registrar even without doing IELTS Or OET and your starting salary package in UK can be upto £85000-90000/Year with extra allowances. 

If you have more than 6 years of EM experience than with MRCEM you may be able to step up as consultant in UK. 

How this course will be delivered?

This course is flexible 60% on-line and 40% on-site face to face in a form of full day workshops which will be conducted in Dubai and London.

Online lectures will be one hour long twice a week, all lectures will be delivered by senior NHS EM physicians who are currently working at UK best hospitals and have vast experience of teaching MRCEM/FRCEM. 

How this programme will be useful? 

a) It will improve your EM skills and Knowledge.

b) You no longer have to study on your own , we will design your study pattern and supervise you through out your MRCEM Journey.

c) We Will teach you 100 Emergency Medicine procedures on mannequins with full hands on practice, no other course has ever been designed like this before.

d) All our teaching sessions will be based as per RCEM topics and guidelines which will enable you to compete for ST4 higher speciality training in UK. 

Programme Start Date: 5th June 2022

Programme Director: Dr Ashfaque Sorathia ( Dr Ash) Consultant EM , Acute Medicine and Geriatric Medicine NHS UK. 


  1. Must Have Valid License to practice Medicine in respective country 
  2. Must be working in Emergency Department above Foundation level, preferably registrar, Middle Grade, Specialist Doctor

This programme is open for all countries except Pakistan ( Application Portal for Pakistan is now closed)

Course fee: £200/Month .

Total Fee For 1 Year Programme= £2400

How We Will Reimburse Full fee.

Candidates registered for this programme will get:

  • LCC 2 Days FRCEM Primary Course worth £499 for free 
  • LCC 2 Days FRCEM SBA intermediate  course  worth £499 for free 
  • LCC 2 Days MRCEM OSCE Course worth £700 for free 
  • LCC 4 days , 100 Emergency Medicine Procedure workshop worth £800 for free. 

In Short, candidates registered for this programme will pay only  £2400 in 1 year time and in return will get £2500 LCC courses for free on top of 120 hours of teaching which will be a period of 1 year.


Practical Workshops